Wants’ to know connection between Diseases and Planets

The connection planetary are influence the malady are affecting the part of whole body and as well as mentally by representing the sign and position of planets in zodiac sign, by planets are situated in which house.

There are normally two types of Diseases
1. Physical diseases, Fever, headache, body aches, cold pain in joint, blood pressures, Cancer flu etc.
2. Mental diseases: mental health includes an individual ability to enjoy life and procedure balance between day to day activities of life. Astrology said that the state of mind and moon have some relationship. Affect of mental disease are like, melancholy, fear, any emotion in excess, uneasiness, shaking thoughts, sluggish, lingering etc.

Person suffering from health issues and even doctors are at lost..?? Then there is a matured system of judgment of these complication in Vedic astrology, the horoscope, birth chart and dasa system are all help in giving good overview of different aspect of life. In Vedic astrology moon significant mind and the mercury stands for logic and intellect. Jupiter is seen for maturity and wisdom, if are all three afflicted in horoscope, then chance of weak health issues.

Here now we will discuss about the planets and how and what they affect in your health

  • Sun if your sun is weak then you will suffer from low confidence, dependency on other, no happiness with father and weak digestive systems, eyes problem, exceed hunger, heart disease, high temperature.
  • Moon If your moon is weak you will suffer from many problem like , low self satisfaction, tensions, not able to keep secret, slow learner problem from mother, depression, you can bring easily negative energy.
  • Mars if your mars is weak you will may suffer from many ailment like blood pressure, low body energy, fear from fire and thief, low IQ, failure in business and shares, problem with neighbors.
  • Mercury, if your mercury is weak in your horoscope then you will face problem like nervous system, problem in skin, loss of hair, low memory low decision power.
  • Jupiter if your Jupiter is weak in your horoscope then you will suffer from body fat, over confidence, no favorers from female, less emotion for other; don’t have ability to take care of family.
  • Venus if your venus is weak then you suffer from problem like, marriage, weak eybrow, problem of extra expenditure, life goes to showing other, laziness etc.
  • Saturn, if your Saturn is weak then there is no power to fight, problem in earing, no supports from family, enemies from everywhere, bad habits and many more.
  • Rahu if your rahu is weak , then you have urinal problem, kid going through medical trouble.
  • Ketu if your ketu is weak in your horoscope then you face nails problem, nails go inside skin, problem with children and failure in completing the work.

There are nine planets or grahas which may rule dashas: the seven classical planets, plus the north node, Rahu, and south node, Ketu, of the Moon.

  • Ashtotari dasha
  • Yogini dasha
  • Vimshottari dasha
  • Kaalchakra dasha
  • Panchottari dasha
  • Shasthiyayni dasha
  • DwisaptatiSama dasha
  • Dwadashottari dasha
  • Shodashottari dasha
  • Shatabdika dasha
  • Chara dasha
  • Sthira dasha
  • Brahma dasha
  • Varnada dasha
  • Shoola dasha
  • Karaka Dasha
  • Kaal dasha
  • Chakra Dasha
  • Manduka Dasha
  • Kendra dasha
  • Navamsa Dasha
  • Drig Dasha